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Advanced TopCon solar cell technology, More efficient, More economical

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Happy to the crystalline N-type TOPCon cell, more direct sunlight is converted into electricity.

The advanced N-M10 (N-TOPCON 182144 half-cells)series, a new generation of modules based on #TOPCon technology and #182mm silicon wafers. The power output can reach the limit #580W, module #efficiency up to 22.5%; it is also equipped with IP68 waterproof junction box

Compared with the same type of perc products, not only the efficiency and power output are significantly improved.

N-type cells have significantly better high temperature resistance, which extends the life and efficiency of the modules. Plus, there's better low-light performance. At the same time, also reduce BOS cost, N-Type TOPCon modules generate within the same surface in comparisson to conventional solar modules:

+ 2 % additional output and a further

+ 4 % additional output over a 30-year period

Best-in-class "high performance" solar modules with a 30-year product and linear performance guarantee, very high performance and very exceptional durability and reliability, for customers who appreciate safety and the environment and appreciate excellent quality.

As 2023has arrived, Ocean solar will continue to forge ahead, practice sustainable development, and empower a clean, low-carbon, green world. Ocean solar sincerely hope to cooperate with all of you to create a better future. Worlds shines because of you.



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